Austrian-russian independent curatorial project Elena Mironova (co-author of the idea YYYXX) realized in Reality Raum Residenz by Anna Khodorkovskaya (www.rrrtv.me/ elena_mironova)

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Atelier Suterena, Esteplatz 8 (Enter Geusaugasse) 
17.07.13 - 29.07.13
Working time: 
Tue-Sun from 13-00 till 19-00

Opening 16. July at 19:00

The project talks about uncomfortable, invisible and unimaginable aspects of life, based on the fragmentary perception of the reality of young independent artists that focus attention those points that are relevant to their personal daily life. At the same time, by mixing artworks of artists from different countries, is shown a curatorial position that today happens to artistic perception in Russia and Austria. Thus there is an exchange of ideas between the creative people who live in so many different, but united by a media cultural environments, it is very important for the development of contemporary art. 

Hans Michael Bittner
Leonid Dutov
Michael Fanta
Beba Fink
Svetlana Gabova 
Alina Glazoun
Eiko Gröschl
Laura Hinrichsmeyer
Andrei Kachalyan
Ksenia Plisova
David Postl
Sergey Poteryaev 
Linda Reif
Anna Rettl 
Sergey Rozhin
Bartosz Sikorski
privet svetlaya
Fyodor Telkov
Roswitha Weingrill
Edin Zenun
Alexander Zhuravlev