Anna Khodorkovskaya, Anthia Loizou, Jelena Micić

…And then our destination became the Earth. The lines of the known world now are gone. Everything is moving. The existence and nonexistence are unified. The space is inhabited. Our friends are here. Could this be our home?


16th April 2015. 7pm

Phase I:

Environing internity

24th – 26th April 2015. 2pm – 9pm

Phase II:

The world completed, intervened and recreated by:

Žarko Aleksić, Masha Dabelka, Bartosz Sikorski, Mario Strk, Anastasiya Yarkovenko

26th April 2015. 7pm

Phase III:

ArtStreamShop special

Guest Star: One of Many, presentation of the Film “Interview” 2015, Discussion with the participants

Atelier Suterena. Esteplatz 8 (Eingang Geusaugasse), 1030 Wien.





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