Sell Your Star NFT

Electronic noise music animation with cosmic sound and visual. Music recorded on analog modular synthesizer. 50 second, 1280 × 720, 25fps

Reboot Cyfrozaura (3D)

Virtual 3D documentation of Bartosz Sikorski’s Exhibition “Reboot Cyfrozaura”. Curator: Stanisław Ruksza Exhibition was taking place from 3 Dezember 2021 untill 18 March 2021 parallel in two spaces: Szczecin Philharmonic Gallery Poziom 4 and TRAFO Transformacja Sztuki. Mobile version Desktop version

Bass Rally

An extraordinary rally through the night land of the subconscious and double-bass sounds out of this planet.

Golden Sunsolo Planet

On the golden planet Sunsolo, the binary star system tries to teleport objects and the dancing beings from earth to make the area a bit nicer. Unfortunately, it may be the fault of a galactic spider that Sunsolo and neighboring galaxies are plagued by melancholy stagnation. “Golden Sunsolo Planet ist eine tanzende Raum- fahrt, auf …

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And dudes are Wallflowers

26th of September – 14th of November 2015curator: Stanislaw RukszaCCA Kronika. BytomRynek 26, 41-902 Bytom, Poland And Dudes Are Wallflowers is an individual show by Bartek Sikorski, an exhibition that adopts the form of installations – compositions of images, music, video projections. The title refers to a popular term for guys who stay away from …

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Beyond Mimesis: Bartosz Sikorski – recursions curated by Christian Bazant-Hegemark 14.10.2014 – 19.10.2014 mo.ë Vienna Bartosz Sikorski originally used the canvas’ square format to reference the computer screen’s pixel as one of contemporary life’s visual building blocks. This way, the canvas’ silhouette became the basic level of a recursion to be continued through the …

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