And dudes are Wallflowers

26th of September – 14th of November 2015
curator: Stanislaw Ruksza
CCA Kronika. Bytom
Rynek 26, 41-902 Bytom, Poland

And Dudes Are Wallflowers is an individual show by Bartek Sikorski, an exhibition that adopts the form of installations – compositions of images, music, video projections. The title refers to a popular term for guys who stay away from the dance floor at school discos or parties. While girls have already been rocking the floor for a while, those chaps keep on standing by the walls, staring at the tips of their shoes…
Bartosz Sikorski’s work results from close links between music and visual arts. The synaesthetic ambitions to visualise musical compositions or develop soundtracks of images are at the foundation of many artists’ attempts to affect a multitude of senses, present their work through different media, and finally, to reduce compositions to pure absolute values, such as sound or colour. 

Sikorski’s works are a fruit of recognition and understanding that musical and visual pieces share a similar structure, as well as the ways they come into being, for example, the similarity between bristles of the brush that creates vertical painting surfaces and the hair of a bow serving to generate sound with a double bass.

The exhibition embraces polyptychs that combine to form installations, composed of “wallflower” paintings – totems, sound compositions and video projections, with musical connotations: Quarter-tone Scale for Carrillo (2015), Half-tone Scale for Lutoslawski (2013), Whole-tone Scale for Janacek (2014), as well as LED images and sound installations.