Golden Sunsolo Planet

On the golden planet Sunsolo, the binary star system tries to teleport objects and the dancing beings from earth to make the area a bit nicer. Unfortunately, it may be the fault of a galactic spider that Sunsolo and neighboring galaxies are plagued by melancholy stagnation.

“Golden Sunsolo Planet ist eine tanzende Raum- fahrt, auf dem goldenen Planeten gibt es diverses Leben; der Found Footage Film, der Sequenzen vom Internet zu einem Film komponiert, könnte einem Theaterstück unseres Unterbewusstseins entspringen.” Text ASIFA AUSTRIA

“An acid trip through evolution.  Plenty of dinosaurs, sins from SIMS, and Orbs projecting energy of sonar waves.” Planet9 FF

Finalist – Hollyweed Film Festival 2020

official selection – Best Austrian Animation, 2 Days Animation Festival 2020

Best Experimental Nominees 2021 – KAPOW Intergalactic Film Festival Hollywood